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  1. What is my product?

I design, compile and publish contemporary art re-designed images, created around local communities. I then build those images into an online flipbook while integrating the 360° panorama images from which the medium was created.

  1. What is my objective?

I wish to create a flipbook containing a total of NINE images of places of interest for each of a number of locations in UK cities, towns and districts.

  1. How many locations for this project?

There are a total of 200 cities, towns and districts in the UK. Spread across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. For the purpose of this project, 50 locations will be chosen as subject. A total of 50 flipbooks.

  1. How are the flipbooks compiled? 

Each flipbook will be created, designed and published as a standalone item, accessible online via a hyperlink, a scannable qr-code or embedded in any relevant online asset.

At the same time, a dedicated website and supporting mobile application will be developed to house and catalogue the entire collection of flipbooks. When finished, this will be a most unique library of our cities, towns and districts. Viewed from a completely different and exciting perspective.

  1. What is the process to finish each flipbook?

In general, there are 5 steps involved in the process:

  • Research and decide which site locations and/or venues are to be used as subject matter.
  • Shoot and create original 360° panorama images on each site.
  • Process each image into the finished item.
  • Build the flipbook
  • Publish
  1. How long do you estimate it will take to finish the Project?

The target is to finish two locations per week. Allowing time for incidental occurrences, the overall duration to finish the entire Project is a period of 8 months.

However, as explained above, each flipbook is a standalone item and can be published either individually or as a ‘regional group’  at any time considered appropriate.

  1. How much funding do you seek to finish this entire Project?

£95,000. Ninety Five Thousand Pounds Sterling.

  1. What are your resources to ensure the continuity of the project?

I possess all necessary hardware, software, photography equipment, knowledge and experience to successfully see the entire project through, from start to finish.

I am the concept creator of this medium and I shall be involved in each aspect of the project. I will have one assistant to help me, both in the physical aspect of carrying out onsite activities and in administrative and organisational requirements.